Sunday, January 8, 2017

Division and gaps

I overthink most things.
Some days I feel like I'm crazy. Other days I feel like others aren't crazy enough.

I'm the type of person who cant go to placed like Vegas and just totally relax, totally be OK with everything. I cant be expected either when going to other countries to indulge in "ugly American behavior."

Don't get me wrong, I can still have fun and really do enjoy life but there are just a few things that I struggle to tolerate.
  • smugness
  • "polyannaism" that never shuts off, takes a break or isn't rooted in reality
  • self righteousness  
  • unwillingness to discuss
 Right now in America, I am surrounded by combinations of the above with a lot of indignation, violent rhetoric, hyper sensitization and hypo sensitization, hatred, fear and misunderstanding thrown into the mix and although its a chaotic and disappointing time, its also to be expected and potentially justified. 

It might be that my age falls at the tail end of Generation X and almost the start of the Millennial Generation, it might be because I fall into being an INFJ or the fact that I am a Cancer female (wow that is a lot of labels there...) but you can say that I am hyper aware of the issues all around us politically, emotionally, spiritually etc. and I'm interested in bridging some gaps. I want to live where discussion occurs and view points, although not fully agreed upon, are at least considered or discussed in a way that does not induce reactions of hatred.

This does not qualify me as an expert on anything nor does it mean that I do not have HUGE blindspots or biases on issues but it does mean that when I encounter new issues or ideas, I try to consider where they come from and how they apply. 

I am using this medium publicly because I don't feel that media such as Facebook is safe anymore for honest, open discussion. That and my "friends" get burnt out on my viewpoints and end up really just wanting to see photos of the family, trips etc. This venue will allow them to ignore me and others to chime in to discuss.

So, if you have made it this far, I thank you for your precious time reading.

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